Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oldies but goodies

Some great photos I found while perusing through old files...

Scott snowshoeing in Franconia Notch, 2007 - isn't he handsome?
(taken by me)

Dad and me coming down the beach, heading to the wedding, 2003
(taken by Steven Johnson)

I loves my Daddy.
(taken by Steven Johnson)

Me and Laurel at Profile Falls, NH, 2007
(taken by Scott Snyder)

Matthew as a baby, curling up in Tip's bed! 2005
(taken by me or Scott)

Scott and me, just after our wedding ceremony on Ogunquit Beach.
(taken by Steven Johnson)

Ally in the Lupine, Sugarhill, NH 2007
(taken by Scott)

Allison & Scott coming down the aisle as a happy married couple, 2003.
(taken by Steven Johnson)

Me and Scott, kayaking at Grape Island, 2005.
With Tip's ears in the front corner!
(taken by Laurel?)


DQ's Windmill said...

These are truly beautiful! You made a beautiful bride - you look so happy:)

Allison said...

happiest day of my life! thanks, Donna. xo

Anonymous said...

i love these!