Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things That Are Great About an Old Friend Visiting

1. She wants to look at my wedding albums...again. :)
2. She brings her children, who are beautiful, creative mixtures of her and her husband's personality. Yet they are also unique, interesting, and delightful in their own rights.
4. She knew me when. (And still comes to visit.)
5. She remembers the context for all my stories. So when we stay up until 1 a.m. talking each night, we cover a lot of ground!
6. She stopped judging me years ago. She just loves me.
7. I can confess my deep darks, like baby insanity and grief stories and how I accidentally got fat.
8. I remember when she was several different variations of herself and have perspective on how far she's come and how much she's grown.
9. I remember when she was heavier, so I always like to remark on her beautiful, svelte looks! And her new post-baby, sexy curly hair. Who doesn't love those compliments?
10. When she leaves, I know she'll be back. And she knows I really want to come visit her house too.

The best thing is how we can jump right in, as if a year hasn't passed.

(photo not taken by me)

Good, good friend. So glad for the visit.



Marie said...

How wonderful that you have been able to visit with your friend. You sound like kindred spirit friends. Those are rare and precious jewels in this thing we call life. I have a few of those, and time spent together is very wonderful and precious. xxoo

Michele said...

It really is hard to find friends like that. I'm so glad you have one and got to spend some time together.

Rebecca said...

Aaw - thank you Allison! What a lovely way to sum up our visit!! It's all so true (especially number 9, of course :). And I also love that my girls are getting to know you as they grow - you're really a member of our family. They completely LOVE coming to your house; the Goodwill Scavenger Hunt alone has provided tons of good memories (Scott is right: you are so creative you should be a preschool teacher). Here's to being friends forever.

Allison said...

forever and ever. (amen.)

DQ's Windmill said...

How lovely:)