Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stoneham Zoo

On Presidents' Day, Scott and I went to the Stone Zoo, a delightful family zoo in nearby Stoneham, Massachusetts. As it was the dead of winter, we were pleased to see the animals and exhibits were very much alive at the zoo, and at least half of the regular features were available for viewing.

Scott took some beautiful pictures; mine did not come out very well, and of course all were shot through plastic or wire barriers. But if you love animals like I do, I think you will enjoy these pictures just the same. This is a brief sampling of some of the wonders to behold at Stone Zoo. You really must visit! It's a good size for taking children, and they have coupons on the website. There is an indoor learning center if you get chilly.

First we saw a habitat with two beautiful bears. I could have stayed and watched them all day.

Umm, sticks are delicious!
Here's Billy, some kind of mountain goat, hanging out on the edge.
Gorgeous cougar.
And a trying-to-nap coyote.
Flamingos, who are absolutely fascinating and silly and wicked smelly!

And there is Humanus Artistus - you never thought about it, did you? Somebody has to paint all those murals!
Lynx-y, before he got up and amused me with some beautiful yoga postures.
Though this picture does an injustice to the majestic set of antlers on this lovely Reindeer, I just loved the peaceful expression on his face. [I am reading Life of Pi right now and Pi would chastise me for anthropomorphizing animals. Maybe I should say looking at him makes me feel peaceful.]
Thought you might be interested in these fun facts about our national emblem, the eagle.
And one more beautiful bear. The bear is my totem animal, and I feel much love for them.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to the zoo!


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