Monday, August 27, 2012

Today I am Grateful...

1. that I didn't just choke on that slice of apple that got caught in my throat as I tried to answer the phone! (it's the little things....)

2. that I have a dear friend at work who always visits me during the day and cheers me up, and he's back from vacation!

3. that my boss made the right decision and went on his year-long sabbatical...though i will miss him lots, he will love his new assignment for the year!

4. that i have now had as many wonderful bosses as insane ones, possibly even more (am too timid to actually count them up for fear the totals might still be swayed the other way...). regardless, this last one was GREAT.

5. that i am not laid off YET. still don't know if the axe is coming or has been averted, but today, i am going to earn some pay, so that's a good thing.

6. am hoping to gather together with my extended family soon for a memorial service for Grandma Ruthie, in Indiana. i cannot tell you much it will heal my heart just to see and hug them all again.

7. our daughter is growing and learning by leaps and bounds. last night we bought her a multi-faceted musical toy/book/piano thing with bday money from her Mimi, and tonight we will have fun playing with it.

8. new baby Snyder is growing and making her/his presence known - middle of the night must-have-cereal attacks, leg cramps, inability to fit in any pants, hormonal rages, and poking his/her sister during her middle of the night snuggles with Mama. that last one is fun. new baby's all like, "get offa me!!" :)

9. dear friends who continue to support and love me, through all the ups and downs.

10. that i can still see that others are struggling more than i am, and have love and compassion for them. as long as i can see someone else through my fog, i feel things for me will be okay.


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Charlotte said...

I'm back and catching up. I love your gratefulness list! Will work on one of my own. And we WILL find a way to get all (or most) of us to Indiana - keep that weekend open.