Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grateful for

1. Time with Laurel, Mom, and Lucinda tomorrow. Laurel is having a party to sell stuff and we are happily attending!
2. Boston being so close by.
3. The feeling after sweeping the disgusting bathroom floor. A clean floor is a wonderful thing.
4. Had a good long walk today. It was sunny and there was a cool, gentle breeze blowing. A good Spring day.
5. I have a lettuce plant (!) that my friend gave me for Easter and I can't wait to put it in my garden and grow some more lettuce. It is actually thrilling to have lettuce growing in a pot in my kitchen!
6. A brand new spider plant that is lush and thriving, from friends as a gift today. I got rid of most of my plants when we moved and/or this winter in general, and now we have a new house, full of sun, and a big yard. I am super excited to start fresh.
7. Little Girl is learning to crawl. I better get on that child-proofing project...
8. Changes underway in my spirit and heart.
9. Spring fever. I think it is going to lead me to a new and hopefully much better haircut.
10. The ever-growing idea that time and space heals a lot. And that change is inevitable and eternal - it can upset as well as comfort us, and I know I can count on it.


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Charlotte said...

Uplifting thoughts. And wise ones, too. So glad your spirit is on the rise. You inspired me to work on another grateful list of my own.