Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Things

A list for Caralee, my dear friend who is sick in her body but not in her heart:


The first day of spring when you roll down the car windows to feel that whoosh of cool air.
Trading in your shoes and socks for sandals and painted toenails.
Getting a real letter in the mail!
Finding a fiver in your pocket from last year.
Not having to wait for the cable guy from 2-5 (that's as close as we can estimate...).
Cats rolling around on their backs on the patio because, oh, it feels soooo good!
Putting the plants back outside and hoping, waiting, for flowers to bloom.
Having an old friend come visit you with no agenda, just wanting to be with you a while.
Getting a compliment from your boss at work!
Getting a raise (even better...).
The first day of softball weather - you know what I'm talking about. Mmmm.
Homemade meals where you can actually taste the love cooked in.
A delightful surprise!
Daffodils - 'nuff said.
White birch trees standing like ghosts on the edge of the water.
Cooking out the first steak of summer (which we did on Saturday).
Walking in the woods with your mom.
Looking through old pictures that make you laugh all over again.
Campfires. Oh, that smell!
Snuggling up with a warm puppy dog who is so, so tired.
Cats with extra toes (believe me, and O'Reilly, this is a constant delight)!
Writing out your thoughts and feelings.
Time to sew.
The joy of waiting for someone you love to walk through that door.
Knowing you are loved.

Love you Caralee! Many blessings and hugs~

Back row: sisters Laurie and Jennifer
Front row: Kaylee (the pooch), dad Emerson, Caralee, and mom Doris

and this is Caralee's favorite muttsky, Kaylee

(photos by Emerson)

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing - creative, loving, and truly inspiring. I liked especially your list of Good Things for Caralee. Have you sent this link to the Ladds? They would love it.