Sunday, January 17, 2010

i am

i am . . .

i am: thankful for a peaceful Saturday night.
i think: and that makes my brain exceedingly tired...
i want: Lauren to get reliable high speed Internet at home.
i wish: i had more time to talk to friends.
i miss: having endless amounts of time to socialize like we did in college.
i feel: more than I let on.
i hear: that UPS is sending free aid packages for anyone to Haiti. But then I heard you should just donate money to the Red Cross so they can buy water immediately.
i smell: worse when I smoke.
i crave: that feeling of falling in love.
i search: for poetry that children can understand and be inspired by.
i wonder: when we will be able to buy a real house with some land.
i regret: starting up smoking again.
i love: my husband.
i ache: and need a professional massage...soon.
i always: double-check the locks before bed.
i am not: finished mailing the Christmas letters yet!
i believe: the trees feel it when you hug them and sometimes they hug back.
i dance: when I think about the theme song of "Fame"!
i sing: sometimes when I play the piano.
i write: in coffee shops - one of the great pleasures of all time.
i win: at Taboo but almost never at Scrabble.
i lose: at Monopoly, but still love playing it.
i confuse: myself when I try to get up in the morning while it's still dark. (argh)
i listen: to the stories of so many sad, grieving, and suffering people these days. my heart goes out to them.
i can usually be found:
in bed on Saturday mornings.
i am scared: by rape statistics.
i need: time to breathe and relax.
i am happy about: going to visit the fam in Mexico in just seven days!!!
i hope: to live by the heart and not the head.
i resolve: to be honest with my mother-in-law about my feelings and decisions.

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Marie said...

Wish I could hear you singing and playing the piano. I bet it is a joyful sound! xxoo
PS You really need to quit smoking again!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful person. And great photo of you and good husband. Thanks for opening up your heart. I love reading your blog.
PS. Marie is right about the smoking.