Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grace-full Day

Had many moments of grace fall upon me today. Am grateful for:
1) Call early this morning to walk the two enormous and sweet dogs of our neighbor.
2) Good talk with co-worker.
3) Opportunity to work on and move forward a bankruptcy case I'd like to finish in the next week or so.
4) Good visit with OB/GYN and no new problems.
5) Dr.'s office being cool about me not paying my copay today.
6) Pharmacy coupon and the wonderful woman who let me pay for my prescription with a sad little baggie of rolled pennies and coins, even though what I had wasn't quite enough.
7) Good visit with Dad's "grave" at the cemetery.
8) Energetic and fun walk with the dogs, accompanied by another kind neighbor and two friendly dogs she had with her.
9) An email finally from my sister!
10) Wonderful husband who brought home much-needed groceries unexpectedly!!
11) Relieving talk with NH Unemployment who will probably process my claim without much delay.
12) Time to nap.
13) Free coffee from White Mountain Coffee (thank you TD Banknorth).
14) Beautiful full moon.
15) Sweet, loving family that will not change even as the trials of life continue to appear.

Good life and I am thankful for it.


Laurel said...

Grace is a wonderful thing.

DQ's Windmill said...

From your coast to mine, we looked at the same full moon last week.

Michele said...

I started keeping a gratitude journal a few months ago and somedays it's the only thing that stands between me an insanity. Hang in there.