Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Very Moment

Things that are right and good in my life:

1) I am finally starting to get over this hideous cold.
2) Said cold caused me to decide, again, that I do not want to smoke.
3) The cold also caused me to lose 2 pounds. Go, cold!
4) I have a beautiful husband who is so good to me.
5) I have a warm home, with a well used guest room.
6) My mom is close by and did NOT, unlike my horrible dream this morning, have a stroke.
7) Lauren and Co. are doing okay and even have puppies!
8) Hillary and Matthew are over the swine flu.
9) I have one good job.
10) My freelance editing is turning up some jobs here and there.

For all of these things I am very, very grateful.


Marie said...

It's so wonderful to be able to dwell on all that is good in our lives Allison. You have some incredible blessings there! Sending love and hugs your way. Hope your cold is better soon!! xxoo

Michele said...

I started a gratitude journal last week and did well every day until today. I'm having a tough time of it today so I'm having to force myself to write a few good things. Your list definitely helps. Thanks.