Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some very special thoughts on humility

From Donna's recent post at DQ's Windmill:

Here in the West, we are disinclined to nurture a reverential attitude toward anyone, with its associations of suppression and tyranny - a lamentable deficiency, as the humility it fosters opens the way to spiritual growth and maturity.


1. May we both be protected so that there will be no hindrance in the process of learning.
2. May we both enjoy the process of learning- may we look forward to every meeting between us.
3. May there be more and more enthusiasm and strength in both of us for this learning.
4. May there be clarity in both of us - in learning and understanding on the part of the student and in teaching on the part of the teacher.
5. May there be no hatred or jealousy between the teacher and the student. May the relationship be one of total friendship.
6. May we not be agitated by internal factors from within us, by environment or by some forces beyond our control.
7. May there be no agitation in body, mind or speech.
8. May the symptoms of all obstacles be reduced.


And from my friend Angela today, quoting her pastor:

"Humility allows us to serve others without caring whether it is noticed or not."

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