Thursday, April 16, 2009

just checking in

i am . . .

i am: engrossed in reading I Know This Much is True, by Wally Lamb.
i think: working part-time is the best of both worlds...if one can afford it, that is.
i want: to have a baby, or maybe even twins!
i wish: Grandma Dorothy lived closer (or we lived closer to MN).
i miss: Lauren.
i feel: much better than a few days ago when I was really sick.
i hear: Jean Mackin telling us the news.
i smell: zucchini, tomato, and Swiss cheese pie, which I made for dinner.
i crave: pretzels and liquids.
i search: for the answer about whether Cymbalta is OK during pregnancy or not.
i wonder: how people first got their surnames (besides the Johnsons, Williamsons, Porters, and Carpenters, that is).
i regret: getting that crappy grade on my Humanities class - I did NOT enjoy that class.
i love: making CDs for people of music that will cheer them.
i ache: in my blasted knee! wish that would go away. don't have the energy to invest in figuring it out and fixing it.
i always: stay up too late.
i am not: getting headaches from wine anymore, and am rather enjoying it again!
i believe: God doesn't care if I go to church or not.
i dance: less than I would like to!
i sing: more than others would like me to! ha ha. Scott's always saying, "NO OPERA in the shower!!"
i write: much better than I speak. I am always getting tongue-tied these days. Very weird.
i win: the prize for best nieces and nephews in the world!!!
i lose: my train of thought often these days.
i confuse: the cats when I dart too quickly through the house.
i listen: to the kitchen clock ticking very, very loudly.
i can usually be found:
laughing, singing, or swearing.
i am scared: aren't you?
i need: someone to teach me how to use my sewing machine. and someone to teach me how to knit.
i am happy about: spring planting and Agway and potting projects!
i hope: the womens' group will succeed and be a good outlet for a few of us gals.
i resolve: to call or write the note to a friend when I think about doing it. (monumental!)

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Marie said...

I write much better than I speak as well Alison. I, too, get very tongue tied when I have to open my mouth. I can't think and speak at the same time. I don't think God really cares if a person goes to church or not. I think He only wants us to pay attention. We can do that in a grove of trees, in a crowd, or by ourselves, on a bus, wherever it is we are. Sometimes I think worship is even better in solitude and amongst the buttercups and bees.