Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Trip to the Boston Flower Show

Today Mom and I went to the Boston Flower Show at the Expo Center. We saw the most incredible combination of perfect specimen plants, grasses, flowers, and artistic creation. Truly astounding, like living art.

There were several whole room-sized displays and garden landscapes, complete with ponds, fish, modern Asian patio furniture, and bamboo trees. This display featured various types of wheat, used in creative, fresh new ways. Behind me to the right is a massive sheath of wheat.

Inside it's "cave" were wheat grass dolls in celebratory positions. Fantastic!

The flowers were exotic, exquisite, and artfully imagined.

Here's Mom with a larger-than-life-sized moose chomping on a mossy clump of grass!

In some of the walls were miniature displays of art assignments, scenes discovered with tiny bits of flower, stem, and other elements (like metal or tiny animal sculptures).

This was one of Mom's favorites - she loved that enormous green leaf (a palm frond?).

One of the displays had four wire sculpture dress stands, with floral arrangements made to look like clothes. I especially loved the hula girl's outfit.

A large bamboo forest (wow), built right in the middle of the Expo floor, complete with walkway, patio, mosses of every kind, little exotic flowers, and bamboo trees reaching ten feet high - some hitting the ceiling - featured a waterfall running into a gorgeous pond...week-long home to several Mandarin Ducks. Their colors, speed at swimming, and alertness were breathtaking.

In addition to many plants and products to buy - and we looked at pretty much ALL of them - the Flower Show offered a dazzling array of bonzai trees, made from many plant varieties, each more perfect than the last.

The Boston Flower Show was well worth the trip and we hope to return every year. Next year, Scott will come and take the pictures to the next level. Hope you enjoyed this brief trip!


Marie said...

Oh Ali!!! You've been holding out on me! I never knew this existed! I love it! You're getting as bad as me now, with more than one blog on the go!

Mama Zen said...

Isn't it amazing the things that they can do? Love the pictures!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Wow! It's like Alice In Wonderland! Beautiful...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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